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Properties of a top class performance catamaran, easy transportable and affordable like all predecessor editions.

  • Foresail: Jib sail area 3.5 m2, re-styled design, luff integrated wire, hauling point moved forward and closer to mast position.
  • Mainsail: improved luff curve, no reefing points
  • New bracked design for shroud and forestay attachment
  • Halyard made fast on cleats
  • Cleat for luff tensioner
  • Mast rake pointing slightly aft
  • Center-board uphaul – one continuous line
  • Center-board secured by ring type split pin
  • Improved Rudder assembly
  • Center of motion point of the rudder placed farther aft.
  • More ergonomic styled tiller
  • Tiller extension detachable
  • Adjustable main sheet attachment on base frame
  • New attachment points for bowsprit stays
  • Extended bowsprit stays attaching to forward and rear base frame elements
  • Trampoline-pouch for the stowage of coiled line



Sensational performance
The slightest of winds even gets this cat really going lesser speed reduction when well loaded.
Top speed is not limited by tube length.
Suits the use of a trapeze.
Under conditions of 3 - 4 Beaufort, 10 - 13 knots of speed have been recorded.
The lightest of breeze suffices to get the craft going.

Performance data
The performance data compiled has been observed over a longer period of time. Maximum speeds were recorded under wind strength conditions as quoted, but in areas where no state of swell could develop relative to the wind.